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An established event that heralds the beginning of Spring for Northeast Ohio families, the I-X Indoor Amusement Park needed a shot of graphic adrenaline. We suggested that it was time for a new logo, not only for print, but for television, outdoor and all other media and collateral.

To not confuse the 225,000 people who come to the event each year, the type style from the original logo was retained, but jazzed and updated with the addition of “chrome” accents. The single, eye-catching image of a roller coaster car filled with excited kids replaced a collage of small icons. The retail tag line "We've got the fun covered!" was integrated into the logo so that separation from the main elements was less likely to occur when used in media not under the direction control of the client.

Bomba, O’Neil & Co. also created corporate advertising for the I-X Center, and collateral materials for the I-X Center’s own Amusement Industry Expo. See more....

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